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You are welcome to print out our catalogues for easier referencing and to pass on to others who may be interested. They are in .pdf format.
Both the Bush and Wild Earth Catalogues are designed to print back to back on A4 paper so that you will end up with an A5 booklet of 16 pages for each set.
Each indigo series will print back to back to give a double sided A4 sheet to fold in half, ie 4 double sided sheets in total.
The Bailey Catalogue prints 4 sides back to back onto 2 sheets to give an A5 booklet of 8 pages. The Acupuncture catalogue prints onto both sides of an A4 sheet..
The Alaskan catalogue is in A4 format to print back to back.

Alaskan Introduction
Alaskan Flowers
Alaskan Gems
Alaskan Environmentals
Alaskan Research
Bailey Essences and Composites
Bailey Acupuncture set
Australian Bush Essences
Indigo Chrystal Series
Indigo Combinations
Indigo New Child Series
Indigo New Energy Series
Indigo Combinations e-book
Wild Earth Animal Essences


If you are a natural health practitioner and would like to print out prescription slips to give to your patients you can open a .pdf here. It will print out as an A4 sheet of 6 slips. Find out more about our prescription service here

You can also print out lists of Essences to use with Kinesiology and dowsing. Please click on the links below for printable .pdf documents.

Alaskan Flower and Research Flower Essences

Alaskan Gem and Research Gem Essences

Alaskan Environmental and Research Environmental Essences, Combinations and Sacred Space Sprays

Wild Earth Animal and Wild Child Essences

Wild Earth Animal Combinations, Sharing Love and Healing Path Essences

Astrological Essences

Mediterranean Essences

Bach Flower Remedies

Bailey Flower Essences

Bailey Composite Essences

Bush Flower Essences

Bush Combinations, White Light and Light Frequency Essences

Indigo Gem Essences and Combinations

LightBringer Essences and Combinations