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New products


Rainbow Essence

Picture of Rainbow Essence
Helps you to remember and to embody the glory, beauty, love and the limitless potential that is your Soul’s essence

From £10.00 incl VAT

Copy of Gratitude, Letting Go and Surrender

Picture of Copy of Gratitude, Letting Go and Surrender
Gifts and Practices of Support, Hope, and Healing in Challenging Times October 13th & 14th 2018 with Daniel Mapel, MA, from the USA and the Wild Earth Animal Essences

From £70.00 incl VAT

Bach Flower Spirit Cards

Picture of Bach Flower Spirit Cards
Help you access your intuition and receive spiritual insights.

From £28.95 incl VAT

Petite Angel Pendant

Picture of Petite Angel Pendant
Beautiful Pendant made of medical grade glass to suit a child or small adult for psychic protection

£33.50 incl VAT