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Flower Essences validated by University of Stuttgatt - 23 December 2015
Although not mentioning Flower Essences as such, this amazing video from the University of Stuttgart talks about how there is a visible and uniquely identifiable change in the structure of water when a flower is placed in it, how the water holds that information and how we take that information in when we take in the water.

Flower Essences are made by placing fresh flowers into water which is what they do in the video.
We already know that Flower Essences are amazing so it's great to see some science that confirms they have a real effect.
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Bush Flower Essences for Mother and Child - 19 September 2013
Flower Essence workshop Just confirmed.

Australian Bush Essences for Mother and Child
An introductory day with Angie Jackson

Tuesday 5th November 9.00am - 3.30pm
Sutton Montis, Somerset

£50 including Vegetarian Lunch

For bookings and more information email

You will be able to find more information on our seminars page when we get back from Rhodes at the beginning of October.
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How Do Essences Work? - 10 June 2013

Essences are energy medicine, they support our healing by helping us resolve emotional, mental and etheric patterns held in our energy fields. These are the scars developed from negative experiences and traumas over the courses of our lives. Some of these historic patterns may be with us all the time, creating underlying feelings from day to day; anxiety, suspicion, fear, sadness, shyness, anger etc, other patterns may get triggered in particular situations, causing us to get flustered when we are under pressure for example.  

When a pattern is active we might experience emotional disturbance, or mental stress or habitual physical tensions. As well as being unhelpful in life, this can get in the way of our body’s own healing process and be a contributing factor to all sorts of physical symptoms.

According to modern physics, matter and energy are two sides of the same coin - E=Mc². Complex systems of matter, such as living things, have more complex energy structures. When two energy fields meet, there is an exchange of information.  When we are in the presence of a flower (or other natural energy signature) our system is informed by it’s energy and we can 'learn' the particular information that our system needs for it’s healing.

You may know from experience how healing it feels just being in a garden full of flowers,  or in a pristine natural environment. Why do we give flowers to people recovering from illness or suffering bereavement?

Essences are the result of transferring the healing patterns of energy from natural realms into a liquid medium. This is normally accomplished by placing healthy flowers (or gems etc), at the peak of their perfection into a crystal bowl of pure water that is left to potentise in the sun. The resulting infusion is preserved (usually in alcohol or brine) and now carries the healing vibration from the flower.

Individual flowers and their essences have characteristics which, when we match them to our own mental and emotional state, can have a profound healing effect.

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How do I take Flower Essences? - 22 January 2013
There are lots of ways to take Flower Essences so it's really a matter of which suits you best.

Most of the Flower Essences come as drops in what is called a 'stock' bottle. This is like a concentrate that you can dilute to make them last longer. Normally, people take a few drops from each Essence and combine them together into one bottle which they then top up with a 25% brandy or vodka/spring water mix and then take the Essence mix directly on the tongue. But there are lots of other ways you can do it.

Once you have made up the Essence mix, you can use a squirt or two in a bath and relax into it allowing the healing energies of the Essences to seep into your pores. This would be a particularly good way if you have chosen Essences to help you let go of stress.

Do you have a piece of jewellery that you often wear? You can spray or drop a few drops of your Essence on the jewellery overnight so that the piece takes on the energy of the Essences for you to absorb all the next day. If it is an old piece of jewellery it may be a good idea to cleanse the piece with Alaskan Purification Essence Combination or Bush Purifying Essence first.

If you want to use your Essences in a family context but feel someone might resist the idea, you can make up a room spray with the Essences and include your favourite essential oils (dilute oils in a little vodka before adding to water) and just spray the family areas. Another way to introduce Essences in this situation would be to add some of the Essence mix to the water in a vase of flowers, or just in a finger bowl of water even.

If you are giving Essences to a child but they can't easily take Essences directly from the dropper bottle during the day you can put some into a small bottle of spring water for them to sip throughout the day. Particularly good for Essences to help them stay focussed at school like Bush Cognis Essence or the Alaskan Easy Learning Essence.

Essences can be mixed into any creams that you use. Just add the drops and mix them in. You can then use the cream as normal and will get the benefit of the Essences each time you use it.

Most Essences give best results when used regularly. It is the regular reinforcing of their energetic values that build up in your own energy field so however you choose to do it, try to find a regular rhythm that fits in conveniently with your days over a couple of weeks.

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Which Flower Essence for these changing times? - 04 January 2013
Here we are at the beginning of a new year, at a time of great uncertainty and change for many of us.
Lots of people seem to feel like they're struggling in a landscape that is now very different from how we all expected it to be. And it keeps shifting further.
It may be easy for us to stay focussed and strong when everything is going as planned, but when times are tougher, as they are now for many people, it can feel like the rug has been pulled out from underneath you.

Which Essences might help in this situation?

I think the underlying issue for many of us is about alignment.
Once we have been knocked off centre by something unexpected it can be difficult to re-align ourselves and stay in touch with our purpose, particularly during stormy times. 

I believe each of our lives is an act of creation. When we are aligned to our purpose and the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of our being are all working together, we can see the future that we want to create and it feels not only possible but unstoppable. It is destiny.

In this alignment, we hear and see everything in the context of informing that journey and everything we do, everyone we meet, moves us towards the fulfilment of that purpose. 

When something happens that throws us out of alignment, although we may still have a connection with what we want, we lose touch with the certainty we feel about it, and suddenly we can't see how it could happen starting from where we now find ourselves. We see the obstructions and barriers more than the solutions and routes to success, and we can no longer see the steps we need to take, or perhaps we just feel we no longer have the energy to find our way onwards.
At this point it is easy to lose touch with our purpose and give up on our vision. This is a very difficult and uncomfortable place to be, but there are several Essences from the different ranges that can be helpful and supportive.

Early Purple Orchid is one of the most popular of the Bailey Flower Essences, it is very much about alignment with our true nature, and particularly when we are letting go of some of our old patterns of being and may feel a loss of personal identity. This Essence re-aligns the subtle bodies of our personal energy field.

Malachite, the Alaskan Gem Elixir, is very powerful to align the different levels and ground us again whatever is going on around us.

Mint Bush is the Australian Bush Flower Essence for this situation. When we feel we are being tested to our limits and there is confusion and a sense of being lost in a void. This Essence brings us clarity, calmness and the ability to cope.

The Lightbringer Essence
Angel Star is perfect in this situation. It is about aligning with Spirit and True Self in the most difficult times so you can see your own truth. Also Balnakeil Bay, from the same range, helps us come to a place of greater consciousness regarding the totality of who we are and what we have come here to do.

Two Essences from the, soon to be available, Mediterranean Essences (coming in March) have a strong relevance in this situation.
Autumn Squill is about aligning the vertical and horizontal - where our connection with spirit and divine purpose meet with the earthly plane and our identity. When all the obstacles make us feel like giving up, this essence is helpful for coming back to our purpose and re-aligning with our destiny.
Prickly Pear, made in Puglia at the heal of Italy, is for when we lose touch with the original excitement as life takes different turns and we find that our dream has become a burden. It helps us to re-connect with the inspiration that we had when we started out.  

Finally, Wild Earth Essence
Salmon helps us to find the spiritual meaning and purpose in our lives and to move forward towards our destiny while trusting in the unknown.

2013 may be challenging for many of us in many unknown ways, so keeping aligned with spirit is one of the most important things we can do.

It was ever thus. Enjoy the ride!

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Flower Essences for children when there's something going on in the family - 21 September 2011
We just had an interesting enquiry.

Hi, I'm wondering if you might have some views/thoughts on essences that might be particularly helpful for children dealing with the impact of a parent with cancer ( or any life threatening disease ). I have been struck by a couple of situations where there may not be much opportunity for children to share their feelings and yet they are acutely aware that something is amiss.Thanks in anticipation.

There are probably many other situations when a child is acutely aware of tensions or unspoken issues and could feel very insecure about their place the world they know - the family. There are some wonderful Essences for children who respond very quickly to their positive subtle support. 

Firstly there are the Wild Child Essences.  They come individually or in a combination called Balanced Child.  There are 6 individual essences, all of which could be useful, but especially I think of Elephant Calf for the child who is scared or anxious and needs a sense of being protected with the wider family looking after them. Then there is Wolf Pup for when there is some sort 
of emotional turbulence happening in the family and the child feels disorientated, maybe unsure of where they now belong, how it all fits together – so this essence promotes a sense of knowing that I matter too, that I belong and I know my place in the world. I’d look at Bear Cub too which helps a child connect with how they feel, express themselves and have their feelings honoured by the adults around them. And lastly Dolphin Calf which is the one for bonding with especially the mother, but also father, where that bond is disturbed or broken. Here is a link to the Wild Childs on the website.
Then there are the Indigo Essences which are also especially for children. They are made from gems/minerals and there are a few to choose from, apart from the ones mentioned here. In the combinations I would consider Happy, Invisible Friend or The Works (which is like the Rescue Remedy in this range). This is the link

In the Indigo individuals I would look at Chrysocolla-gem-Silica and Azurite – of course others may grab you more – depends on the situation. Click here.
I would also consider any of the Rescue formulas in each range, which are essentially for keeping the person calm, centred, balanced and grounded while whatever is going on around them. Some of them come in both sprays and drops. Bush – Emergency Essence; Alaskan – Soul Support; Wild Earth Animal – Saved by the Animals;  Bailey – Shock and Trauma (also Grief combination to consider); LightBringer – Light Support; Healing Herbs – Five Flower. 

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Flower Essences and Clutter Clearing - 28 July 2011
Why is it that we accumulate so much 'stuff'?

Drawers, shelves and cupboards, under the stairs, in the attic or basement, any spare spaces seemed to get filled up with evidence of our past interests, holidays, hobbies, friends, studies and the connections we've had throughout our lives.

Most of it has no current interest and, we recognise, is unlikely to inspire us again but we do tend to hold on to the detritus of our lives.

Why is it so difficult to let go of?

Clutter is one of the easiest ways of getting in touch with issues that are still to be completed. It is drawing our attention to issues that are still emotive and that we need to do some work on. If that part of our lives were complete then we wouldn't need to hold on any more.

I hold onto things for various reasons. There is one area in particular that I struggle with because I still hold anger and disappointment around that part of my life. I trained as an artist in my mid 20's and I really felt that I could be successful and was committed to that as my life path. I was bitterly disappointed at getting a 2.2 for my degree and felt that it was personal (I didn't engage with the tutors with much deference, or spend any time in the pub with them). I then spent 5 years trying to make a living out of painting uncompromising, unsalable paintings which I thought were brilliant (I actually still think they're brilliant but that's neither here nor there).

So now I have a basement full of large paintings that I'm not willing to let go of because I still have an emotional attachment to that ideal and I still have anger at not getting the acknowledgement I felt I deserved from my tutors.

Any area of clutter has a story, there is a reason we can't let go of it. However, when we are ready to do some letting go, this is an area that Flower Essences can bring some light to.

Australian Bush Flower Essence 'Bottlebrush' is particularly helpful for clearing out the old. It is very much about major life changes and letting go of old, outmoded patterns. 'Boab' is also relevant, particularly to do with family patterns and if we tend to repeat our past experiences

The Alaskan Flower Essence 'Sweetgrass' is another powerful aid to letting go, particularly letting go of anything held on the etheric level. It is to help bring lessons and experiences to completion and so is ideal in this situation (for me). It is one of the Essences in the Alaskan 'Purification' combination and this Sacred Space Spray is a valuable place to start any clutter clearing process. Another constituent of Purification Essence combination is Black Tourmaline. It talks about releasing toxic energy from the mind and emotions.

Not sure if I'm quite ready for it yet though, I think I'll hold on to that particular area of clutter for a bit longer. You never know, I may yet be 'discovered' (and proved right).
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Using Flower Essence Insight Cards - 21 July 2011

Flower Essence Insight Cards are becoming more and more popular and with Steve Johnson bringing out his Alaskan Flower Essence Insight Cards, I thought it would be timely to review what's available and how people use them.

All the different Insight Cards show beautiful pictures of the sources of individual Essences, Australian Bush Flower Essences, LightBringer Essences, Wild Earth Animal Essences, Bach Flower Remedies and now the Alaskan Flower Essences as well. If you already work with a particular range of essences, a pack of Insight Cards could help you to develop an intuitive approach to essence selection and facilitate a visual and fun way of choosing essences whether for yourself, your family and friends, or in your practice.

Using the Insight Cards in practice is a great way to introduce clients to the essences, as pictures of flowers and animals are immediately appealing. It also involves them directly in the process of choosing essences which helps them take responsibility for their own healing journey. 

There are many different ways of using Flower Essence Insight cards, someone can pick the images that they feel most strongly about, it could be images that generate both positive and negative feelings, or they can pick 'blind' with the cards upside down so they aren't automatically drawn to their 'favourites' or just play safe. They can choose as many as they want, usually up to about 5 or 6. Sometimes they just feel they’d like 1 or 2.  It's good to pick cards with their non-dominant hand to by-pass the mind, which can be so effective at avoidance, denial, controlling. 

The cards can be very revealing, sometimes allowing us to see what is behind the issues and giving insights that may not occur to our rational thinking process. For a practitioner this can be useful for understanding of what is really happening in the case. And for the person seeking to take a step forward on their journey, there is often a sigh of relief, if not an expression of amazement and gratitude that the cards have ‘got’ them so spot on. It is always extraordinary how accurately we attract the right cards, seemingly at random and the realisation of one of our patterns of behaviour, or just bringing an unconscious issue into focus is a big step towards starting to address it.

Energy clearly shifts  by working with the cards because healing energy is available directly through the image as well as in the essence itself, so healing often starts simply by focussing intention on the card although people also love to have a bottle of their essences to take away and continure the process.

Other ways of working with the cards include doing a spread of 3 cards - the first card represents the past , the second card the present, and the 3rd the future. You could also set 3 cards in order as where you are now, the challenge you are facing and then the outcome. Insight cards also provide an aid to meditation. When you meditate deeply on a flower, or it's image, it can have a profound healing effect.

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How To Dilute Flower Essences From Stock - 08 July 2011

So many people ask about this, there seems to be some mystique but it is not difficult.

Most Flower Essences are sold as ‘stock’ bottles, these are simply concentrates (like orange squash) that you can dilute to make up a ready to take ‘dosage’ bottle. This means that the essences you buy will last a long time as you are only taking a few drops out to make up a bottle that will last a long time.

Many people take essences directly from the stock bottle and there is no problem with this, it's easier but your bottle won’t last as long. Some people think that the effect will be stronger taking them 'neat' but Flower Essences work subtly, reinforcing their message over a period of time by repetition so I think this belief needs questioning but you should always go with your own experience and intuition.

To make up a dosage strength bottle from a 'stock' or concentrate, you would dilute few drops from the stock bottle into an empty 30ml dropper bottle. We suggest using a 25% brandy or vodka solution to dilute as a preservative over the 3 or 4 weeks that you may be taking it but if you don’t want any alcohol you can use spring water and keep it in the fridge. Alternatively you can use vinegar or salt to preserve it.

Different ranges of Essences suggest different amounts of drops to be diluted from the stock bottle into a clean 30ml dropper bottle.

Flower Essence Range                               drops from stock          dosage

Australian Bush  Flower Essences                                    7 drops.          7 dps twice daily

Alaskan Flower, Gem and Environmental Essences         2 drops.             4 dps 4 x daily

Bailey Flower Essences                                                    3 drops.            3 dps 3 x daily

Bach Flower Remedies                                                     2 drops.            4 dps 4 x daily

Wild Earth Animal  Essences                                             5-7 drops       5-7 drops 3 to 4 x daily

The Essence makers have come up with what they feel is a good dilution but, again, you can use your intuition or dowsing, muscle testing etc to find what's right for you at this time.

Your body and energy system will always know what it needs better than someone else so don't be afraid of listening to that above the opinion of an 'expert'.

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Flower Essences for stress - 06 July 2011
I thought changing bank accounts was supposed to be easy now. Having decided to change to the Co-op Bank a long time ago, I finally got around to it back in the middle of June, filled in the forms, got the account then filled in the transfer from to transfer DD's and SO's and close down the old account. Seems straightforward enough.

2 weeks later nothing has happened so I think it's time to follow up with a phone call. (I should have had the calm & clear ready at this point but I thought it would just be a quickie)

You know the story I'm sure. I bounce back and forth between the banks to find out where the hold up is. The old bank says they've never received the request and the new bank say they got an automated reply saying there are no DD's or SO's on this account, meanwhile I'm tearing my hair out (and there isn't much of it to tear).

Eventually I discover that the new bank has been trying to get account information with the wrong account number, which is on two places in their electronic system (so it must be right) so I ask Andy to check the number written on the original form, all ready with a cry of incompetence and a few other choice expressions.

Oops! It looks like I wrote the number down wrong.

Fine. Problem solved as far as the bank account is concerned but what about all that stress?

I can feel the glow of my sympathetic nervous system jangling away and a tight knot in my solar plexus, I can really do without both.
First, turn to the Australian Bush Calm & Clear Spray - the new ones have just arrived in so that's very timely. A quick spray and I can immediately feel my jangling stressed nerves calm down, great, just what's needed. But what about the knot? That's still there.

Hmm, we've got some Wild Earth Dove Spray, I'll give that a try..... It certainly does something, not sure what but something I hadn't identified feels easier but the knot is still there in my solar plexus.

I just had a call from someone who's 6 year old was having night terrors and Calling All Angels is the ideal Alaskan spray for that. I felt that there was some relationship between my experience - it felt like being tormented by some faceless ogre and I couldn't fight my way through the tangle of conflicting information. So I reached for the Calling All Angels spray....Phew, immediate relief. Back to reality, it's a lovely day with some welcome showers for the garden and the young swallows have just fledged and are taking their first wobbling flights.
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