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Mist and drops


Mist and drops


Mist and drops

These Combination Essences have been specially formulated to bring support to particular areas of your being and your life - effectively, gently and joyously.
Heart Balm supports and nurtures your heart, Light Support tends your inner light and strength, and Loving Desire helps with joyous sensuality and intimacy. All three combinations are available as Essence Drops to take internally and/or as beautifully scented Essence Mists containing exquisite organic essential oils, to spray around your energy field and space. Further details on each of the essence combinations can be found below

The LightBringer Essences, co-created by Rachel Singleton, are a range of wild flower essences, gem essences and environmental essences from the wild and mountainous regions of Europe, produced using organic ingredients.
They originated in the Lake District, England, and now include flower essences made from rare plants and pristine environments in the Col du Lauteret in France ('the botanical garden of the Alps'), the Orkney islands, the Cairngorms, the North West of Scotland and the Hebridean Islands.
Rachel lives, breathes and sleeps essences and is now running a practitioner training course to enable people to use essences professionally.

Animal Support LightBringer Combination

Picture of Animal Support LightBringer Combination
To help create a loving bond between you and your animal; to help animals settle and feel at home in their environment and with each other.

From £9.85 incl VAT

Bountiful Life LightBringer Combination

Picture of Bountiful Life LightBringer Combination
BOUNTIFUL LIFE COMBINATION to support joyful prosperity in a way which feels grounded, in the flow and supportive of your higher purpose.

From £9.85 incl VAT

Healers Light LightBringer Combination

Picture of Healers Light LightBringer Combination
HEALER'S LIGHT COMBINATION to support healthy vitality by enabling us to connect deeply with our healing needs and our inner vital force and learn how to work with this force deeply and effectively

From £9.85 incl VAT

Heart Balm LightBringer Combination

Picture of Heart Balm LightBringer Combination
HEART BALM COMBINATION brings healing and provides nurtures and support for the blossoming of your heart.

From £9.85 incl VAT

Light Support LightBringer Combination

Picture of Light Support LightBringer Combination
LIGHT SUPPORT COMBINATION nurtures your inner light and strength.

From £9.85 incl VAT

Personal Space

Picture of Personal Space
PERSONAL SPACE COMBINATION helps us to feel safe, protected, and boundaried. It assists us in creating sacred space in our own energy field and in our home, in which we can peacefully and harmoniously thrive.

From £9.85 incl VAT

Sensual LightBringer Combination

Picture of Sensual LightBringer Combination
Helps us express, explore, celebrate, and experience the pleasure of our sensual/sexual self.

From £9.85 incl VAT

Soul Full LightBringer Combination

Picture of Soul Full LightBringer Combination
SOUL FULL ESSENCE COMBINATION helps you retrieve lost parts of your soul and come home to yourself. For feeling 'safe and sound'; reconnecting with the wholeness of who you are, integrated and at one.

From £9.85 incl VAT