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Wild Earth Energy Sprays


Welcome the energy of the wild into your space and into your heart!

Energy Spray aromatherapy mists contain pure organic and wildcrafted essential oils from around the world, which have been selected and blended specifically to impart the healing qualities of the Dolphin, Dove, Eagle, and Butterfly. Each Energy Spray's unique blend of therapeutic grade essential oils creates a nurturing and supportive atmosphere for imparting the subtle energies and healing qualities of the animal kingdom

Butterfly / Transformation spirit spray

Picture of Butterfly / Transformation spirit spray
60ml Energy spray A unique blend for support in enhancing inner and outer change in your life.

£12.45 incl VAT

Dolphin / Joy Spirit Spray

Picture of Dolphin / Joy Spirit Spray
60ml Energy spray A delight-filled blend for connecting with the energy of the Dolphin and its profound Joy.

£12.45 incl VAT

Dove / Peace spirit spray

Picture of Dove / Peace spirit spray
60ml energy spray A soothing blend for connecting with the energy of the Dove and its deep Peace.

£12.45 incl VAT

Eagle / Spirit spirit spray

Picture of Eagle / Spirit spirit spray
60 ml Energy spray An enlightening and purifying blend for connecting with the energy of the Eagle and with Spirit.

£12.45 incl VAT