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Naturally visual, flower essences lend themselves to visual media. Here are a few DVD's on Essences which are a great learning aid.

Dr A Tresidder - Natures Alchemy

Picture of Dr A Tresidder - Natures Alchemy
An inspirational, spiritual and evocative insight into the healing power of flowers and plants of garden, meadow, hedgerow, riverbank and wood

£8.95 incl VAT

Searching for Cerato

Picture of Searching for Cerato
Follows a mission to Western China following the footsteps of ‘Chinese’ Wilson the Edwardian plant hunter who first discovered Cerato

£4.95 incl VAT

The Second Nineteen

Picture of The Second Nineteen
Tthis DVD tells the story of the last group of remedies discovered by Dr Bach known as The Second Nineteen.

£4.95 incl VAT

The Seven Helpers

Picture of The Seven Helpers
Mental and emotional states for these Bach Essences

£5.50 incl VAT

The Twelve Healers

Picture of The Twelve Healers
Twelve short films about the first remedies discovered by Dr Bach known as The Twelve Healers.

£5.50 incl VAT