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The LightBringer Essences, co-created by Rachel Singleton, are a range of wild flower essences, gem essences and environmental essences from the wild and mountainous regions of Europe, produced using organic ingredients.
They originated in the Lake District, England, and now include flower essences made from rare plants and pristine environments in the Col du Lauteret in France ('the botanical garden of the Alps'), the Orkney islands, the Cairngorms, the North West of Scotland and the Hebridean Islands.


LightBringer Essences are created through a unique ceremonial process of attunement and intent which enables some rare and very unusual flowers to be used without picking or interfering with them. By working with the living energy of the flowers in this way, it has also been possible to more deeply harness the vitality and subtlety of their healing energies

Alight Within - LightBringer Essences handbook

Picture of Alight Within - LightBringer Essences handbook
Rachel Singleton's full colour handbook for the LightBringer Essences. Detailed descriptions of all the LightBringer Essences and more.

Lightbringer Essences kit

Picture of Lightbringer Essences kit
Boxed set of 57 individual Lightbringer Essences and 7 combination essences with handbook

£460.00 incl VAT