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Bailey Flower Essences

The Bailey Flower Essences are made in Ilkely in Yorkshire. Arthur Bailey started developing them in the early 1980's and his family now continue his work.

After being involved in healing and meditation for over 30 years, Arthur Bailey used his rigorous scientific background to develop these Essences.

Arthur Bailey suggests that inertia from past conditioning and a lack of intuitive energising are the factors that hold people back from progressing in their lives. We are often held back from making progress by patterns which seem to be locked within the very cells of the body and often controlled by deep-rooted subconscious fears and terrors which can inhibit our progress.

The Bailey Essences encourage positive ways of change, of moving forward and leaving outmoded ways behind and embracing new and brighter ways of living our lives.

Bailey kit - 60 x 10ml stock bottles

Picture of Bailey kit - 60 x 10ml stock bottles
The standard set of 60 Bailey Essences contains all 20 composites plus 40 single essences.

£445.00 incl VAT