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The Bailey Handbook and boxed sets of the Bailey Essences

Bailey Composite Essences set

Picture of Bailey Composite Essences set
A presentation box of 20 Bailey Composite Essences.

£150.00 incl VAT

Bailey Essences Practitioner set

Picture of Bailey Essences Practitioner set
Boxed set of all 101 single Bailey Essences. All Essences are 10ml and come in 6 sturdy boxes.

£495.00 incl VAT

Bailey kit - 60 x 10ml stock bottles

Picture of Bailey kit - 60 x 10ml stock bottles
The standard set of 60 Bailey Essences contains all 20 composites plus 40 single essences.

£445.00 incl VAT

Five Elements Kit (12 Essences)

Picture of Five Elements Kit (12 Essences)
Set of Essences to balance the Five Elements - Earth, Fire, Metal, Water, Wood, together with Yin/Yang Balancer and Energy Liberator.

£75.00 incl VAT

Handbook of Bailey Flower Essences

Picture of Handbook of Bailey Flower Essences
Details of each Bailey Essences with beautiful colour photos.

£8.50 incl VAT