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Connecting with nature's music and the wisdom of the soul

"I speak the name of the Beloved

Heart of my soul, soul of my heart

Whose name is Love, beyond all things

All truth, all wisdom, all beauty, all peace.

I give thanks with all my heart."

                                                                                           Julie Darling

Sacred art, music and poetry takes us beyond the mind, beyond physical reality, to the world of Mystery, where the secret dialogue of the Soul with the Beloved can be known.

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The vibration of the spoken word, and the sound of harp strings played with sacred intent, take us step by step into the realm of spiritual experience. They take us, with love, to that secret place in our hearts where we hear the voice of truth - our truth, the Divine truth of who we are. 

In the holy places of our ancestors we can hear the wind play the harp strings by the foaming wave, and allow the secret vibrations of centuries of devotion to enfold us.
 Beauty and peace bring deep nourishment for body, mind and soul. 

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Julie Darling plays her harp in wild places, and at ancient sacred sites, working with the holy resonance of each site, with the natural elements of wind, wave and birdsong, and her own sacred intent, spoken through ancient and modern prayers, chants and blessings.

These unique Celtic Harp Essences weave together the world of vibration that surrounds and permeates us, and holds that resonance in pure spring water so that we can take in the vibration to act as a prompt for our own natural ability to heal the wounds that hold us back from living a truly authentic life.

Each essence contains the vibrations of the sounds of nature and of harp music played with sacred intent in wild and sacred places; of words spoken with sacred intent; the vibrations of our own bodies; the energetic resonance of the land itself while the music is being played.

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Rosegold Celtic Harp Essences support our own soul healing processes, so that we can move forward, gently but effectively, in our own time.  They work to support us on the pathway towards spiritual transformation and self-realisation; towards balance, integration and wholeness. 

We can begin to actually glimpse that state that we are often told about, and yearn for – that state of union where we are all one, where there is no duality. Then we truly know that we are inter-connected in a beautiful web of being with all living things.

Harp Essences are supplied in hand-made Indian silk bags. Each one is unique so the silk bag supplied will differ from the one shown.

Abundant Life Harp Essence

Picture of Abundant Life Harp Essence
Confidence Know our unique gifts Share our true nature with joy Freedom Receive with grace Gratitude

£9.95 incl VAT


Picture of Blessing
Soul healing Healing deep wounds Opening the heart to receive Strength and nourishment

£9.95 incl VAT

Brighid Harp Essence

Picture of Brighid Harp Essence
Protection Inspiration Healing Creativity Transformation Comfort

From £9.95 incl VAT

Glastonbury Thorn Tree

Picture of Glastonbury Thorn Tree
Touching the Sacred Mystery Self Knowledge Circle of Protection Deep roots from which to seek the place of unity and peace within Creative Spirituality

£9.95 incl VAT

Iona - The Great Mystery

Picture of Iona - The Great Mystery
Pure light Unity Deep spiritual connection with The Source - The Great Mystery Know our true path and soul's purpose Gratitude

£9.95 incl VAT

Iona - The Green Flame

Picture of Iona - The Green Flame
Spiritual growth Creative expression Vibrancy The greening energy of spring Blossoming and fertility Bringing plans and dreams to fruition

£12.95 incl VAT

Iona - Well of Eternal Youth

Picture of Iona - Well of Eternal Youth
Connection with ancient mystery Stability and balance Strength and Purpose Spiritual Wisdom

£9.95 incl VAT

Loving Heart

Picture of Loving Heart
To love with a peaceful heart To know we are loved Connect with golden light and deep peace Unconditional Love Know the heart’s wisdom, which is beyond words Resolving difficulties in relationship

£9.95 incl VAT

Yew Tree

Picture of Yew Tree
Release from fear Walk into the light Rebirth into a new way of being Acknowledging our power

£9.95 incl VAT