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Callanish Stone Essences: 

There is a long and respected tradition of healing with essences derived from nature. In the 1930’s Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician, set out to discover remedies that would treat the whole person. He was the first to develop and treat patients with a system of flower essences. Over the years, healers and others have made great contributions as the have discovered how to develop and use essences derived from flowers, gems and the environment. In this tradition, Callanish Stone Essences are co-created by Betty Caldwell.

Betty is a healer dedicated to supporting individuals  to live from a place of inner wholeness and infinite possibilities. The Standing Stones® is the first in a new line of stone essences.


The Standing Stones Callanish Essence

Picture of The Standing Stones Callanish Essence
Made at the stone circle on Callanish, this Essence is for restoring undivided wholeness to individuals and to the planet as a whole.

£19.95 incl VAT

Yellowstone Awakening

Picture of Yellowstone Awakening
Made at Swan Lake Flats, this Essence is to help accelerate personal growth through new insights and awareness.

£19.95 incl VAT