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Inner Dog Essences have been created to allow you to receive and be nurtured by many of the amazing energies and gifts of domestic dogs. These unique formulas provide powerful support for experiencing the wisdom and wonder that dogs offer us.

Each Inner Dog Essence offers a unique way of connecting with the gifts that dogs embody, including unconditional love, joy, exuberance, simplicity, loyalty, presence, and so much more. These essences support us to connect with our deepest, loving, playful, living-life-full-on selves, and allow us to feel and express more joy, love, and delight in our lives.

Blessings of Dog

Picture of Blessings of Dog
Nurtures delight at being alive and living from the heart

From £9.95 incl VAT

Mutt - Unconditional Love

Picture of Mutt - Unconditional Love
Nurtures our ability to be more loving with ourselves and others.

From £9.95 incl VAT

Protector - Safety & Security

Picture of Protector - Safety & Security
For knowing that you are safe wherever you go

From £9.95 incl VAT

Retriever - Joy and Play

Picture of Retriever - Joy and Play
For living every moment with gusto and Joy

From £9.95 incl VAT

Terrier - Simplicity and Joy

Picture of Terrier - Simplicity and Joy
Nurtures life as an easy journey of joy and happiness.

From £9.95 incl VAT

Wolf-Dog Hybrid - Healthy Wildness

Picture of Wolf-Dog Hybrid - Healthy Wildness
Supports one in staying connected with one’s healthy wild side

From £9.95 incl VAT

Working Dog - Let's Go To Work

Picture of Working Dog - Let's Go To Work
Supports one in finding work that truly matches one’s spiritual journey and life purpose

From £9.95 incl VAT