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Gaia Essence

Picture of Gaia Essence
The Gaia Essence helps us to realise the extraordinary power that is inside the Earth, that is in everybody as belonging to the Earth.

From £10.00 incl VAT

Isis Essence

Picture of Isis Essence
An Essence to help you experience the beautiful, healing energy of the Divine Feminine, which enables us to transform our trauma and wounding into love and courage.

From £10.00 incl VAT

Rainbow Essence

Picture of Rainbow Essence
Helps you to remember and to embody the glory, beauty, love and the limitless potential that is your Soul’s essence

From £10.00 incl VAT

Solar Logos Essence

Picture of Solar Logos Essence
Solar Logos is the Divine energy, the pure light that emanates from the Central Sun, the Heart of the Divine. It is the Divine Creation Source Power, the formative power of the universe.

From £10.00 incl VAT