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Steve Johnson, who creates these essences, is continually involved in the exciting process of developing new flower, gem, and environmental essences. These new essences are subjected to an ongoing process of research and review to determine which of them are ready to be released to the public as "research essences". The following lists denote those essences that have been released, but are still in the early stages of their research and development.

These lists are based on years of attunement and preliminary feedback from practitioners and clients who are using these essences in a variety of therapeutic situations around the world.

His intent is to fully develop the healing picture for each essence. Your feedback and comments are an important part of the research process. We encourage you to participate by submitting case studies and anecdotal stories of your experiences. If you are interested in taking part in our research program, please contact Alaskan Essences for more information.

Follow the links or look through the images below to see details of each Essence.

Yellow Violet - Alaskan Research Flower

Picture of Yellow Violet - Alaskan Research Flower
Gives us the strength and confidence to naturally express the essence of our beings without limitation, compromise, or self-consciousness

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