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Australian Bush Flower Essence Kit

This kit contains the complete set of 69 individual Australian Bush Essences, each relating to a different emotional imbalance. Several may be combined together to suit someones particular state and they can be bought either as a complete kit or as individual essences.

This Stock Kit (ie stock strength or concentrates) is intended for both practitioner and home use. It has been redesigned to incorporate all 69 Essences in 2 boxes with 72 divided spaces providing room for growth when new Essences are developed. It is also stronger and with a brand new look! The Kit includes the Bush reference book as well as 2 x 15ml dose bottles ready to make up remedies as soon as the Kit arrives and a set of Practitioner labels.

If you are considering building up the complete set, there is a considerable saving in buying them all at once and we are able to offer a further discount to alternative practitioners and student therapists.

Bush Kit

Picture of Bush Kit
Full set Australian Bush Flower Essences (69)

£655.00 incl VAT