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The Australian Bush Flower Essence Range

These are the 69 individual Essences of the Australian Bush Flower Essence range.
Each Flower Essence in the Bush Flower Essence range has it's own particular use and purpose, they can be taken individually or combined together. If, while you are looking through the Bush Essences, you feel that there are lots that might be helpful to you, we suggest that you focus on the issue that is uppermost at this time. Taking a single Essence can be very powerful but it's alright to choose several essences if they address your current issue. It's best not to try to fix everything at once though.
By following the links or images below you can find out more about each Bush Essence.

Flannel Flower

Picture of Flannel Flower
Negative Condition Dislike of being touched. Lack of sensitivity in males. Uncomfortable with intimacy. ******** Positive Outcome Gentleness and sensitivity in touching. Trust. Openness. Expression of feeling. Joy in physical activity

£10.95 incl VAT

Freshwater Mangrove

Picture of Freshwater Mangrove
Negative Condition heart closed due to expectations or prejudices which have been taught, not personally experienced ********* Positive Outcome openness to new experiences, people and perceptual shifts healthy questioning of traditional standards and beliefs

£10.95 incl VAT

Fringed Violet

Picture of Fringed Violet
Negative Condition damage to aura distress lack of psychic protection ******** Positive Outcome removal of effects of recent or old distressing events heals damage to aura psychic protection

£10.95 incl VAT

Green Essence

Picture of Green Essence
Negative Condition Skin Problems eczema psoriasis fungal infections

£10.95 incl VAT

Green Spider Orchid

Picture of Green Spider Orchid
Negative Condition nightmares and phobias from past life experiences intense negative reactions to the sight of blood ******** Positive Outcome telepathic communication ability to withhold information until timing is appropriate attunement

£10.95 incl VAT

Grey Spider Flower

Picture of Grey Spider Flower
Negative Condition terror fear of supernatural and psychic attack. ******** Positive Outcome faith calm courage

£10.95 incl VAT

Gymea Lily

Picture of Gymea Lily
Negative Condition arrogant attention seeking craving status and glamour dominating and over-riding personality ******** Positive Outcome humility allowing others to express themselves and contribute awareness, appreciation and taking notice of others

£10.95 incl VAT


Picture of Hibbertia
Negative Condition fanatical about self improvement driven to acquire knowledge excessive self discipline ******** Positive Outcome content with own knowledge acceptance ownership and utilisation of own knowledge

£10.95 incl VAT

Illawara Flame Tree

Picture of Illawara Flame Tree
Negative Condition overwhelming sense of rejection fear of responsibility ******** Positive Outcome confidence commitment self reliance self approval

£10.95 incl VAT


Picture of Isopogon
Negative Condition inability to learn from past experience stubborn controlling personality ******** Positive Outcome ability to learn from past experience retrieval of forgotten skills relating without manipulating or controlling ability to remember the past

£10.95 incl VAT

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