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The Australian Bush Flower Essence Range

These are the 69 individual Essences of the Australian Bush Flower Essence range.
Each Flower Essence in the Bush Flower Essence range has it's own particular use and purpose, they can be taken individually or combined together. If, while you are looking through the Bush Essences, you feel that there are lots that might be helpful to you, we suggest that you focus on the issue that is uppermost at this time. Taking a single Essence can be very powerful but it's alright to choose several essences if they address your current issue. It's best not to try to fix everything at once though.
By following the links or images below you can find out more about each Bush Essence.


Picture of Jacaranda
Negative Condition scattered changeable dithering rushing ******** Positive Outcome decisiveness quick thinking centered

£10.95 incl VAT

Kangaroo Paw

Picture of Kangaroo Paw
Negative Condition gauche unaware insensitive inept clumsy ******** Positive Outcome kindness sensitivity savoir faire enjoyment of people relaxed

£10.95 incl VAT

Kapok Bush

Picture of Kapok Bush
Negative Condition apathy resignation discouraged half hearted ******** Positive Outcome willingness application ‘give it a go’ persistence perception

£10.95 incl VAT


Picture of Lichen
Lichen helps an individual to be aware of, look for and go to the light at the moment of physical death

£10.95 incl VAT

Little Flannel Flower

Picture of Little Flannel Flower
Negative Condition denial of the child within seriousness in children grimness in adults ******** Positive Outcome carefree playfulness joyfulness

£10.95 incl VAT


Picture of Macrocarpa
Negative Condition drained jaded worn out ******** Positive Outcome enthusiasm inner strength endurance

£10.95 incl VAT

Mint Bush

Picture of Mint Bush
Negative Condition perturbation confusion spiritual emergence initial turmoil and void of spiritual initiation ******** Positive outcome smooth spiritual initiation clarity calmness ability to cope

£10.95 incl VAT

Monga Waratah

Picture of Monga Waratah
Negative Condition disempowerment overly needy feeling not strong enough unable to do things alone needing the strength and support of others ******** Positive Outcome finding inner strength ability to reach out

£10.95 incl VAT

Mountain Devil

Picture of Mountain Devil
Negative Condition hatred anger holding grudges suspiciousness ******** Positive Outcome unconditional love happiness healthy boundaries forgiveness

£10.95 incl VAT

Mulla Mulla

Picture of Mulla Mulla
Negative Condition fear of flames and hot objects distress associated with exposure to the sun ******** Positive Outcome reduces the effects from fire and sun feeling comfortable with fire and heat

£10.95 incl VAT

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