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The Australian Bush Flower Essence Range

These are the 69 individual Essences of the Australian Bush Flower Essence range.
Each Flower Essence in the Bush Flower Essence range has it's own particular use and purpose, they can be taken individually or combined together. If, while you are looking through the Bush Essences, you feel that there are lots that might be helpful to you, we suggest that you focus on the issue that is uppermost at this time. Taking a single Essence can be very powerful but it's alright to choose several essences if they address your current issue. It's best not to try to fix everything at once though.
By following the links or images below you can find out more about each Bush Essence.

Old Man Banksia

Picture of Old Man Banksia
Negative Condition weary phlegmatic personalities disheartened frustrated ******** Positive Outcome enjoyment of life renews enthusiasm interest in life

£10.95 incl VAT

Paw Paw

Picture of Paw Paw
Negative Condition overwhelm unable to resolve problems burdened by decision ******** Positive Outcome improved access to Higher Self problem solving assimilation of new ideas calmness clarity

£10.95 incl VAT

Peach-flowered Tea Tree

Picture of Peach-flowered Tea Tree
Negative Condition mood swings lack of commitment to follow through projects easily bored hypochondriacs ******** Positive Outcome ability to complete projects personal stability take responsibility for one's own health

£10.95 incl VAT


Picture of Philotheca
Negative Condition inability to accept acknowledgement excessive generosity ******** Positive Outcome ability to receive love and acknowledgement ability to let in praise

£10.95 incl VAT

Pink Flannel Flower

Picture of Pink Flannel Flower
Negatives condition: Unhappy, Taking for granted, Easily annoyed, Unthankful ******** Positive outcome Gratefulness Being appreciative Open hearted Joie de vivre Lightness of being Heart intelligence

£10.95 incl VAT

Pink Mulla Mulla

Picture of Pink Mulla Mulla
Negative Condition deep ancient wound on the psyche. Guarded and prickly, keeps people at a distance ******** Positive Outcome deep spiritual healing trusting and opening up

£10.95 incl VAT

Red Grevillea

Picture of Red Grevillea
Negative Condition feeling stuck oversensitive affected by criticism and unpleasant people too reliant on others ******** Positive Outcome boldness strength to leave unpleasant situations indifference to the judgment of others

£10.95 incl VAT

Red Helmet Orchid

Picture of Red Helmet Orchid
Negative Condition rebelliousness hot-headed unresolved father issues selfishness ******** Positive Outcome male bonding sensitivity respect consideration

£10.95 incl VAT

Red Lily

Picture of Red Lily
Negative Condition vague disconnected split lack of focus daydreaming ******** Positive Outcome grounded focused living in the present connection with life and God

£10.95 incl VAT

Red Suva Frangipani

Picture of Red Suva Frangipani
Negative Condition emotional upheaval, turmoil and rawness about relationship. ******** Positive Outcome feeling calm and nurtured inner peace and strength to cope

£10.95 incl VAT

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