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The Australian Bush Flower Essence Range

These are the 69 individual Essences of the Australian Bush Flower Essence range.
Each Flower Essence in the Bush Flower Essence range has it's own particular use and purpose, they can be taken individually or combined together. If, while you are looking through the Bush Essences, you feel that there are lots that might be helpful to you, we suggest that you focus on the issue that is uppermost at this time. Taking a single Essence can be very powerful but it's alright to choose several essences if they address your current issue. It's best not to try to fix everything at once though.
By following the links or images below you can find out more about each Bush Essence.

Sydney Rose

Picture of Sydney Rose
Negative Condition Separation, disconnection, yearning for spiritual communion. ******** Positive Outcome Unconditional love for humanity. We are all one

£10.95 incl VAT

Tall Mulla Mulla

Picture of Tall Mulla Mulla
Negative Outcome fearful of mixing with others loner distressed by and avoids confrontation ******** Positive Outcome feeling relaxed and secure with other people encourages social interaction

£10.95 incl VAT

Tall Yellow Top

Picture of Tall Yellow Top
Negative Condition alienation loneliness isolation ******** Positive Outcome sense of belonging acceptance of self and others knowing that you are 'home' ability to reach out

£10.95 incl VAT

Turkey Bush

Picture of Turkey Bush
Negative Condition creative block disbelief in own creative ability ******** Positive Outcome inspired creativity creative expression focus renews artistic confidence

£10.95 incl VAT


Picture of Waratah
Negative Condition despair, hopelessness, inability to respond to a crisis ******** Positive Outcome courage tenacity faith enhancement of survival skills

£10.95 incl VAT

Wedding Bush

Picture of Wedding Bush
Negative Condition difficulty with commitment ******** Positive Outcome commitment to relationships dedication to life purpose

£10.95 incl VAT

Wild Potato Bush

Picture of Wild Potato Bush
Negative Condition weighed down feeling encumbered ******** Positive Outcome ability to move on in life freedom renews enthusiasm

£10.95 incl VAT


Picture of Wisteria
Negative condition closed sexually feeling uncomfortable with sex macho male ******** Positive outcome sexual enjoyment openness gentleness

£10.95 incl VAT

Yellow Cowslip Orchid

Picture of Yellow Cowslip Orchid
Negative Condition critical judgemental bureaucratic nit picking ******** Positive Outcome humanitarian concern impartiality - stepping back from emotions constructive a keener sense of arbitration

£10.95 incl VAT

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