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What are Harmonisers?

Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (EMF's) have become an integral part of the environment in which we now live. Unless you live on an island in the middle of a very large body of water, you are under constant bombardment from phone signals, microwaves, wifi, radio and TV waves and many other energy waves that are outside the realms accessible to our five senses.
Most people don't notice but many of us find that we have less energy than we feel we should, sleep badly, have poor concentration, feel stressed, get headaches and generally don't feel great a lot of the time. 
There are a number of different products available that are helpful in combatting ill-effects from the EMF's that surround us from all the electronic gadgets that are now so much a part of our daily lives. We have chosen this range from our personal experience and listening to others.
If you feel you are affected by EMF's, you may find harmonisers helpful.

Electro Bush Essence combination

Picture of Electro Bush Essence combination
Negative condition - Harmful environments Positive outcome - Protection from harmful electro magnetic fields

£9.95 incl VAT