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Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies are now made by many different manufacturers who follow Dr Bach's recipies for his Twelve Healers, Seven Helpers and the Second Nineteen remedies to a greater or lesser extent. Unfortunately, there are lots of conflicting claims, beliefs and marketing from some of the larger Bach Remedy producers so you may find it difficult to understand quite what the real differences between them are.

The Bach Remedies we offer, made by Healing Herbs, seem to be the range of choice for most independent practitioners and, having done our own research, we feel that they are the best available. Healing Herbs was set up in 1988 to prepare Bach Remedies to the highest standards and precisely according to the original directions of Dr Edward Bach. They place emphasis upon preparing the mother tinctures in a natural environment, on perfect sunny days, using only trees and plants which are healthy and in full bloom

Healing Herbs is a small company operating from purpose-made buildings, isolated in the Herefordshire countryside, in harmony with their surroundings. They put the living forces of nature at the heart of their production of the Bach Flower Remedies and, because they are not a ‘volume producer’, they can also pay full attention to every aspect of production and provide a true service to their customers. This committment resonates strongly with our own ethos here at Healthlines.

Julian Barnard, who runs Healing Herbs, has been involved with the Bach remedies since 1976 and is known internationally as an essence maker and teacher on the subject of Dr Bach himself as well as his flower remedies. Julian has written several books on Dr Bach and the Bach remedies which you will find here.

Bach Flower Spirit Cards

Picture of Bach Flower Spirit Cards
Help you access your intuition and receive spiritual insights.

From £28.95 incl VAT

Night Spray

Picture of Night Spray
‘Night’ encourages you to relax, unwind after a stressful day and helps secure a good night’s sleep.

£5.40 incl VAT