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Bach's combination of 5 of his flower remedies for crises, is probably one of the best known essence combinations available today.

Although Dr Bach originally called Rock Rose the rescue remedy, he subsequently added four further remedies to complete the five flower combination we know today. 
Cherry Plum to becalm, Clematis to revive,Impatiens to relax, Rock Rose to give strength and courage, and Star of Bethlehem to rebalance. 

He says of Rock Rose in The Twelve Healers, his 1933 book
"The rescue remedy. The remedy of emergency for cases where there even appears no hope.... Other remedies in addition may also be required…". 

The combination of 5 remedies together can be used whenever you feel any anxiety or distress to keep you calm and grounded.

It can be regarded as a single remedy and added with others to make individual dosage combination remedies.

Bach 5 Flower Remedy

Picture of Bach 5 Flower Remedy
Bach's combination of five remedies for any emergency or trauma situation is probably one of the best known essence combinations available. Use it whenever you feel any anxiety or distress. Cream, drops and oral spray.

From £4.20 incl VAT