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The Bailey Flower Essences

Created over 25 years ago by Arthur Bailey who has been involved in healing and meditation for the last 30 years. It was from that and his rigorous scientific background that these essences were developed.

There are 101 individual Bailey Flower Essences. You can find out more about each of them by following the links below or by scrolling through the images and clicking on them.

Algerian Iris - 10ml stock

Picture of Algerian Iris - 10ml stock
Makes us less susceptible to getting sexually involved in relationships that are inherently flawed

£7.95 incl VAT

Almond - 10ml stock

Picture of Almond - 10ml stock
The supportive inner teacher, the guide. Forms links with our soul and encourages intuition.

£7.95 incl VAT

Apricot Poppy - 10ml stock

Picture of Apricot Poppy - 10ml stock
Brings beauty to barren areas of our lives. Its soft quiet persistence is what we need to survive upheaval and trauma

£7.95 incl VAT

Arizona fir - 10ml stock

Picture of Arizona fir - 10ml stock
To help us to celebrate life and existence as spiritually based beings.

£7.95 incl VAT

Betony - 10ml stock

Picture of Betony - 10ml stock
For fears that are hidden in the subconscious mind, including apparently irrational fears

£7.95 incl VAT

Bistort - 10ml stock

Picture of Bistort - 10ml stock
To provide loving support at times of major change in our lives.

£7.95 incl VAT

Black Locust - 10ml stock

Picture of Black Locust - 10ml stock
For protection against other peoples negative influences and psychic attack.

£7.95 incl VAT

Blackthorn - 10ml stock

Picture of Blackthorn - 10ml stock
For the depths of despair, when all illusions are shattered and life has no meaning.

£7.95 incl VAT

Bladder Senna - 10ml stock

Picture of Bladder Senna - 10ml stock
For escaping from feelings of guilt and being unworthy, brought about by judging ourselves far too harshly. It brings compassionate understanding of our past actions

£7.95 incl VAT

Blue Pimpernel - 10ml stock

Picture of Blue Pimpernel - 10ml stock
Rediscovering our spiritual nature whilst growing up in a superficially material world.

£7.95 incl VAT

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