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What are the Indigo Essences?

These extraordinary Indigo gem essences have been created in Ireland by Ann Callaghan, her nephews Ben and Mica and their 'team'. We had already been drawn to them and were getting great results when Ann asked us if we would like to make them available to customers in the UK for her. We are delighted to be doing so. So many people who come into contact with the Indigo gem essences are captivated by their lightness and strength. These characteristics also allow children to open themselves to their healing qualities and Indigo Essences have been especially formulated to help the new children stay balanced and fairly sane through these times of intense change.


These 'Indigo' children can have a very difficult time integrating with others, both at home and in school and many of them have very strong energy and definite views about life which can be challenging both for the children and for their care givers. Ann says "One of the biggest problems for children is not being listened to and understood. A lot of adults are very bad communicators and don't know how to really listen to children which in turn leads to the children resorting to more extreme behaviours to try and get their point across. Listening to your child is key to growing together harmoniously as a family. If you are having a stressful time at home a combination of good communication and essences will help to move energy very quickly.


Of course there is a child in all of us and the Indigo Essences can be used by anyone who recognises that their own child needs some healing and support.


Ann says "Indigo Essences are a kind of first aid kit for feelings, they are like good vibes in a bottle. They help balance your energy and when you are 'well balanced' it's much easier to heal yourself."

You can now see Ann Callaghan talking about some of her essences on Youtube.

Follow this link for one of 9 videos or type 'Indigo Essences' into the search bar on Youtube to easily find them all.

Why Indigo?
People are talking about the coming of new children who are here to help us make a huge evolutionary leap into another way of being. Many of these children are called Indigo Children because they have the colour indigo as the primary colour in their aura. However, we believe that all children, indeed all people, on the planet are now playing their part in this transition.
The colour indigo is often described as the colour of the night sky the moment before the dawn of a new day. This is how we see Indigo - as a moment in time, not just as a label for specific individuals. So we've called the essences Indigo because we hope that they will help everyone through this moment of tremendous change.

Release fear - allow Love
The stones used in the Indigo Essences all relate to the common themes of childhood, especially to releasing the fears which prevent us from being the loving, carefree, sparks of light we really are.

Lighten up
Several of the essences will also help with the sometimes uncomfortable feelings we get in our bodies as our energy changes and becomes lighter.

Feel Safe
The essences will help very sensitive children feel safe and comfortable in their physical bodies even though the energies around them may not be easy to deal with.

Indigo combinations are available in either 15ml stock strength dropper bottles, or 100ml ready to use spray bottles.