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Australian Bush Personalized Combination

How to buy a PCombi

You can use this window while browsing the Australian Bush Flower Essences, to select and buy a combination personalised for yourself or for someone else. Use the scrolling list below to choose the essences you would like. Your selection will appear in the next box.

For a single essence bottle, simply click on the essence you want, fill in your name for the label and click "Add to cart".

If you want to combine several essences, click on each of the essences you would like while you hold the control key down (or the apple key on a Mac). To deselect an essence hold the Apple / Control key down and click on it again. When you have completed your selection, fill in the name for the label and click "Add to cart".

We will send you a ready to take, 30ml dropper bottle of your selection of Australian Bush Flower Essences. Most people find they get the best results by focussing on just the main issue that is current in their lives and having a maximum of 5 or 6 relavant Essences.

1 essence - £7.00. Each additional essence - £1.00

Hold the Apple / Control Key down while you click to select more than one Essence or to deselect an Essence for your combination.

Number of Essence selected  

        Price of this selection  £

         Who is this bottle for?