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Gigha Quartz - Alaskan Research Environmental

Gigha Quartz is a grounding essence, encouraging us to become more present in a soft and empowering way 7.5ml STOCK bottle
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This environmental essence was prepared on the Isle of Gigha, off the western coast of Scotland, during our 2006 Practitioner Training Program. The essence was made on a quartz outcropping that rises out of the ocean at the southwest edge of the island like a giant dragon. The outcropping is visible for 100 meters before it sinks beneath the ground. It then runs through the island and emerges at the northwest tip of the island, where it is visible along the beach for a short distance before going back into the sea. This quartz formation embodies a very ancient and sacred energy that has the power to shift our grounding and alignment in very profound ways. It is a crystallization of light, energy, deep wisdom, and knowledge of the ancient secrets of the Earth. It embodies a complete marriage of the elements and represents the strong foundation places of the planet, and the essence made from it can take us to those places in ourselves. The Gigha Quartz essence offers many levels of healing. Primary, it is a grounding essence, encouraging us to become more present in a soft and empowering way. As we become more grounded, the essence can help us build up our inner core strength and discipline so that we can maintain a deeper alignment with the planet. This alignment will then enable us to live our lives with a physical and energetic posture that is more upright, self-contained and authentic, and that leads to a greater expression of our power and creativity.


7.5ml STOCK bottle

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