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Solar Eclipse - Alaskan Research Environmental

Solar Eclipse helps balance the inner masculine/feminine energies especially where there was an absent father. 7.5ml STOCK bottle
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This essence was made in the northern interior of Alaska during the solar eclipse of 21st July 1990. It is an essence for balancing and harmonizing the feminine and masculine energies in men and women and for the conscious empowerment of the inner male, especially where an imbalance exists due to dominant female energy. This essence is helpful in situations where the mother took on the responsibility for all aspects of a child's development because the father was incapable or absent, or because she was unwilling to share this responsibility with the father or relinquish her control over the child in later years. In such cases, the individual must eventually break free of the eclipsing energy of the mother and at the same time learn how to develop his or her own masculine qualities. The Solar Eclipse essence facilitates this process by working with the person to balance their inner masculine/feminine dynamic. It does this by bringing one's focus and awareness to what the inner male requires for healing and balance, and by helping one access the fortifying energy of the Sun.

7.5ml STOCK bottle

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