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Typhoon - Alaskan Research Environmental

Typhoon teaches us how to surrender to the cleansing power of nature 7.5ml STOCK bottle
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This essence was prepared during a typhoon on the Izu Peninsula in Japan. It was made with rain from the storm and a small amount of water from a local spring. Typhoon is about surrender, trust and cleansing. It teaches us how to surrender to the cleansing power of nature with enough trust to let this energy in, without trying to block it in any way, so that it can do its healing work. The message of this essence is, "whatever you don't have anchored with purpose and intent is going to be carried away, so focus on what is important and let the rest go". Typhoon is a very penetrating essence that can work its way into our densest levels of resistance. It can also teach us about intensity-how to work with it in our lives, and how to co-create with it in nature.

7.5ml STOCK bottle

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