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Guardian Alaskan Sacred Space Spray

Guardian helps you to feel the protection of strong, healthy boundaries. Available in 60 & 120ml sprays
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Guardian is an invocation formula that helps you create a powerful forcefield of protection in your aura. It invokes positive, harmonious energies that help you claim your energetic space, maintain your grounding and feel the protection of strong, healthy boundaries. This combination is particularly helpful when you:

* Are unable to embody your sensitivity in a practical and easy way because of a lack of functional boundaries.
* Feel tired or run down and need to rest and nurture yourself, but can't seem to create the space to do it.
* Are overly reactive to influences in your environment.
* Are ambivalent about being present in your body and on the earth, because you don't feel safe or protected enough.
* Have just moved into a new home or neighborhood and are having difficulty grounding into their your situation.
* Are doing healing work that requires you to be in the personal energy space of others.
* Are required to work around computers and other electromagnetic equipment or in toxic environments.
* Are doing Space Clearing, Interior Alignment, Feng Shui, or similar work that requires you to enter into the working or living spaces of others.

Special Applications: The Guardian formula can be taken internally whenever you feel the need for more protection. It is also very effective when sprayed on the body and in one's environment. Mist it into your house or office after it has been cleansed with Purification to anchor a new matrix of balance and protection.

Also available as drops

Contains: Covellite · Devil's Club · Round-Leaf Orchid · Stone Circle · White Violet · Yarrow


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Picture of 60ml Spray
60ml Spray
This handy 60ml spray is great to carry in a handbag or glove compartment.

£15.95 incl VAT
Picture of 120 ml spray
120 ml spray
The large 120ml spray is great value to have at home or in your practice room.

£23.95 incl VAT
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