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Alpine Mint Bush

Negative Condition Mental & emotional exhaustion in carers, lack of joy, weight of responsibility. Positive Outcome Revitalisation, joy, renewal.
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Alpine Mint Bush Australian Bush Flower Essence

Prostanthera cuneata
15ml Stock bottle (concentrate)
The Alpine Mint Bush flower grows in exposed rocky sites in the alpine and sub-alpine areas of south eastern Australia. This Flower Essence works on the mental and emotional levels. It is for people who work in healing, health administration and caring situations where there is a great deal of responsibility for other people. They give much of themselves both physically and emotionally, often listening to people in pain and need. These care givers can be in danger of burning out or becoming disillusioned. They can reach a point of tiredness, feeling their life has lost its joy. Alpine Mint Bush can revitalise and bring about in these people a renewed enthusiasm and joy in their life for what they do.

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