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Banksia Robur

Negative Condition disheartened lethargic frustrated Loss of drive and enthusiasm. ******** Positive Outcome enjoyment of life enthusiasm interest in life
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BANKSIA ROBUR Australian Bush Flower Essence

Banksia Robur
15ml stock bottle (concentrate)
Banksia Robur is commonly known as Swamp Banksia as it is usually found by creek banks. This Essence addresses temporary loss of drive and enthusiasm due to burn out, disappointment or frustration. It is different to Old Man Banksia as it is for people who are normally very dynamic. It will pick them up out of the ‘bog’ they are in and get them back on solid ground and going again. Bathing two or three times a day, using seven drops of the Essence in each bath, will enhance the effect of this remedy. This will assist in washing away negativity.

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