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Green Essence

Negative Condition Skin Problems eczema psoriasis fungal infections
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Green Essence - Australian Bush Flower Essence

15ml Stock bottle (concentrate)
The Green Essence is made from the stems and leaves of traditional fresh green herbs, using the same method used to make flower essences. It is used to clean the system of yeast, mould and parasites. It should be taken orally for a two week period, seven drops five minutes before meals. Topically, Green Essence can be used to treat skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis or fungal infections. Place seven drops of Green Essence in a desert bowl of water, splash on the affected area and allow to dry. Do this morning and night for two weeks. You will need to make a fresh batch every two days. Do not use the Green Essence externally at the same time as it is taken internally as the reaction can be too strong - the skin may peel. Candida If you are using Green Essence to treat candida, the following regime is recommended. Both Green Essence and Peach Flowered Tea Tree are taken for two weeks, the former before meals three times a day. For the next two week period take a combination of Spinifex, Bottlebrush and Peach Flowered Tea Tree morning and night. At the beginning of the process take for one month a good brand of acidophilus and bifidus powder which should have been refrigerated prior to purchase and certainly after opening. During this time avoid sugary and yeasty foods such as alcohol, vinegars, Vegemite, yeasted bread etc. You can douche if necessary morning and night for two weeks with Green Essence. To make it, place seven drops of Green Essence in a bowl of water. After you have completed two weeks douching, take Green Essence internally for two to four weeks. Alternatively the Green Essence can be taken before commencing the two weeks douching.

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