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Monga Waratah

Negative Condition disempowerment overly needy feeling not strong enough unable to do things alone needing the strength and support of others ******** Positive Outcome finding inner strength ability to reach out
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Monga Waratah - Australian Bush Flower Essence

Telopea mongaensis
15ml Stock bottle (concentrate)
The Monga Waratah flower has the appearance of an open hand reaching out, which is a keynote in its doctrine of signatures. It can help if you feel choked or stifled in situations or relationships but do not feel able or strong enough to leave A new Essence very much addressing co-dependency as well as giving supporting energy to strengthen the will and help us stand straight and strong in our own space. It can be thought of when working with addictions. Wedding bush is used to maintain resolve and commitment in doing or giving up something whereas Monga Waratah helps to give you the belief and sense that you can break out of dependency on a behaviour, substance or person. This Essence helps you to reclaim your spirit

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