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Mulla Mulla

Negative Condition fear of flames and hot objects distress associated with exposure to the sun ******** Positive Outcome reduces the effects from fire and sun feeling comfortable with fire and heat
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Mulla Mulla - Australian Bush Flower Essence

Ptilotus atripicifolius
15ml Stock bottle (concentrate)
Mulla Mulla is for personal recovery from the shattering experience of burns from heat or fire. This essence reduces the negative effects of fire and the sun's rays. It is for those with a fear of flames (often from a past life). If this fear is unconscious it will manifest in a lack of vitality, as if they wish to fade away. If a person presents with this picture they can, with appropriate counseling, reveal this fear of fire or hot objects. This essence was made up in Palm Valley, one of the hottest parts of the country and where some of the oldest plants in Australia are found

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