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Pink Flannel Flower

Negatives condition: Unhappy, Taking for granted, Easily annoyed, Unthankful ******** Positive outcome Gratefulness Being appreciative Open hearted Joie de vivre Lightness of being Heart intelligence
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Pink Flannel Flower - Australian Bush Flower Essence

Actinotus forsythii
15ml Stock bottle (concentrate)
Pink Flannel Flower is all about heart energy, which is not surprising when you observe the intensity of its' pink centre. It allows one to be in a state of gratitude for all aspects of their life and for what they are experiencing around them. Pink Flannel Flower brings about an appreciation of, and helps one take delight and pleasure in, the details and little things in life; to see and be aware of the blessings in every moment. Otherwise life can easily become dull, flat and one's "joie de vivre" will be missing. This Essence has great affinity for young babies whilst both in the womb and in those early years of life. Pink Flannel Flower will help keep both their heart and heart chakra open with the high love vibration they have come in with, as they adjust to the density of third dimensional reality. Bluebell would be used to open the heart after it has closed down but for young children Pink Flannel Flower helps their heart to remain open. There are a significant number of children born with AIDS who have completely healed themselves. Many of these children had one or both parents who were heavy drug users. One important common quality that medical researchers have recognised in these particular children was their incredible capacity for both loving and feeling gratitude. There have also been a few similar case histories with adults where they too have had spontaneous remission from AIDS. Once more these individuals were observed to display an incredibly loving and grateful nature. As I have said in my workshops, when this current generation of children and young adolescence - the bridging generation, grow up and have their own children then we will see so many more mystics, seers and wise old souls once more incarnating on the earth plane. This Essence I foresee will be a wonderful help for this generation in achieving their full potential and living with open hearts. Today, there are a large group of children and adolescents with an extraordinary aptitude and all consuming interest in computers and technology. This focus can often become all consuming to the detriment of their social and emotional interactions and development. The Pink Flannel Flower would be particularly beneficial to these children in enabling them to keep their heart, as well as their mental plane, open and balanced.

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