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Sexuality Bush Essence Combination

Negative Condition: -Shame, Uptight about sexuality, Fear of intimacy, Lack of sensitivity, Emotional effects of sexual abuse Positive Outcome: -Renews passion, Sensuality, Enjoy touch and intimacy, Self acceptance, Fulfillment
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Sexuality Essence - Australian Bush Flower Essence Combination
30ml Dosage bottle
Renews passion, releases fear of intimacy and shame about sexuality. An essence for self acceptance and fulfillment.
This combination is made from the Essences of Billy Goat Plum, Bush Gardenia, Flannel Flower,Fringed Violet and Wisteria. Sexuality Essence is helpful for releasing shame and the effects of sexual abuse. It allows one to feel comfortable with and to fully accept one's body. It enables the individual to be open to sensuality and touch and to enjoy physical and emotional intimacy. Sexuality Essence renews passion and interest in relationships.

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