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I'm In Heaven Indigo Essence spray or drops

Feeling a bit fed up with life.
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This essence wants to teach us about how our choices in every moment affect our reality. We can create heaven on earth right here, right now....if we choose to. We have the tools. We've all known that this is possible for a long time but most of us are not making the changes. We are still choosing for our old reality - we are still choosing discomfort and struggle.
Work with I'm in Heaven and this essence will put a spotlight on every choice, whether it be a thought, feeling or action and gently but persistently encourage you to change

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Picture of 15ml bottle
15ml bottle

SORRY, we no longer stock this as an individual Essence but it is available as part of the Chrystal Kit  here

£12.95 incl VAT
Product reviews
Can school be Heaven?
Ten year old boy suffering from school refusal, vomiting in the morning before the time to leave for school, making it impossible for his parents to send him.   He selected  ’I’m in Heaven’ spray.  As he shares a bedroom his mum did not want to spray the room so she sprays his aura twice a day.  Boy now much calmer, has put in full weeks at school, and things are improving all round.

From: admin admin | Created on: 24/10/2012 09:50

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