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Pink Purslane 15ml LightBringer Essence

Opening to our sexual and sensual nature at deeper levels. Long-term physical communion with our loved one.
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Pink Purslane - Physical Intimacy. Opening to our sexual and sensual nature at deeper levels. Long-term physical communion with our loved one. Feeling safe in our sexuality. Expressing our love with pleasure, playfulness and lightness.
Like Greater Cuckooflower, Pink Purslane grows by water, is a gorgeous deep pink and is all about intimacy. However this flower has a very different energy being more sensual and physical and growing nearer both to the ground and water. The essence also contained a Rose Quartz gem when it was being made so it is both a flower and gem essence and this grounds it further and makes it more physical in its application.
With an incredibly soft and tender energy, this essence helps us to embrace and express our sensual nature and our sexuality. It is the everyday love of long-term relationships, of deep connection that has the potential to strengthen and become increasingly intimate and profound over time. Pink Purslane encourages us to open our senses to our beloved - sensing the deeper needs; seeking deeper expression, movement, rhythm, connection; and finding ever new levels of physical-emotional-spiritual conjoining.
This essence supports easeful, joyous sexual and sensual connection and awareness. The flower has a light buoyant dancing quality to it and is graceful yet unpretentious. This is not about rarefied love or emotion—this is down-to-earth, accessible, every-day, and deeply nourishing and fulfilling.
However resistant a person may be to their sexuality or to being with another person in this way, this essence works with lightness and joy to help bring a person to their own gentle and natural expression of sexuality and sensuality. It may be a good essence for people who have suffered sexual abuse and who wish to heal their feelings around sexuality, their own body and union with another. Pink Purslane helps nurture feelings of confidence, play, intimacy and tenderness and encourages us to find congruent and sustainable ways to express this with our loved one.

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