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Bush Correspondence Course

Certificated distance learning course run from Australia with 10 modules and tutorial support.
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 Please complete this form and either submit it or print and send it. Your course cannot be sent until we have also received this information.


What you will receive
• The Correspondence Course folder
• 3 hours of tutor/question time with Karen Hurley
• Once the order has been completed you will receive a letter of
introduction from Karen.
What you will need to have to complete the Course
• Australian Bush Flower Essences by Ian White
• Bush Flower Healing by Ian White

The Course contains 10 modules that can be worked through in your own time and at your own pace, and all 64 Flower Essences and the 3 Companion Essences are covered.

Throughout the Course you will have regular assignments to complete, as well as ongoing assessments and direct contact with your Bush Essence Tutor.

During the Course you will learn how the Bush Essences work on the chakra system and subtle energy bodies, and what illnesses can occur as a result of imbalances in the individual chakras. You will also gain experience in diagnosing and prescribing the Essences, and will even be given the opportunity of making your very own mother tincture essence.

This course will enable you to gain a very deep knowledge and understanding of the Essences, not only intellectually but also experientially. It is a wonderful journey of self-healing that enables one to view dis-ease and emotional disharmony in a very different way. Students’ feedback has been great and many say that the Course has been a catalyst for their own healing and growth as well as that of their families.

As well as the two text books required for the Course, "Australian Bush Flower Essences" and "Bush Flower Healing" which may be ordered from Healthlines, we also recommend that our students read another two books, “Anatomy of the Spirit” by Caroline Myss and “Hands of Light” by Barbara Ann Brennan for further insight into the chakra and energetic systems, although this is not compulsory. Unfortunately we don’t stock these books but they can be ordered through a book store or perhaps found in your local library.

You will have 3 hours of personal time with your tutor, Marie Matthews, where you have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss difficulties, or simply go over things. The most economical way to contact her
would be via email, but contact can also be made via telephone, fax, or letter.

On Completion of the Course you receive a Certificate stating that you have successfully completed an intensive distance learning programme, studying Practitioner modules of the Australian Bush Flower Essences including extensive and detailed case studies.  At the bottom it says “Advanced Practitioner Certificate of Completion of Distance Learning Programme”.

The Levels 1-3 seminars complement this but are not a requirement for the certification. They will give you a deeper understanding of each of the essences and how to use them. Some of the material will overlap but, as the methods of presentation are so different, you will most likely understand different things about the Essences. Each of the levels also gains you a certificate.

The books you will require to complete the course are: "Australian Bush Flower Essences" and "Bush Flower Healing." These books do not come as part of the course so you might like to consider adding these to your order. 

Once you have signed up for the Correspondence Course you will also qualify for our practitioner/student discounts.

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NB. The Correspondence Course will be sent to you by airmail from Australia. Two bottles of complementary combination Essences are only sent to students living in Australia.

£320.00 incl VAT
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