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Love Indigo Essence spray or drops

When you are so hurt and angry that you can't feel anything, just cold and stony inside, we send this essence of love to repair the damage.
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This essence was made after Sept 11 by Ben, Mica and Jen (7 years). They made a a present of some of the love they feel in their lives to all the children in the world who don't have enough. Love is for the child who has been very damaged by a lack of love in their life. Love wants to say "Don't give up on love. No matter how hard things have been in your life. Don't give up. Love is all around you. Love will find you - but you have to let it in."

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Picture of 15ml dropper bottle
15ml dropper bottle

This 15 ml dropper bottle can be diluted to make it last longer, or used at full strength.

£12.95 incl VAT
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