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Protection & Clearing Bailey 50ml spray

This room spray is a special blend of flower essences and essential oils designed to clear negative energies and uplift your spirit.
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The Bailey Protection and Clearing Spray - For the joy of being uncluttered. (formerly Feng Shui Spray)

Also available as drops.

Helps to protect one from negative influences whilst uplifting ones spirit at the same time.

A quick spray into all four corners and the centre of the room will clear negative energies and both you and the whole room feel much lighter and brighter.

It contains the following ingredients in a base of distilled holy spring water and vodka.
Black locust, for protection against negative outside influences, including "psychic attack".
Scarlet Pimpernel, for clearing negative energies within the person - particularly feelings of psychic dependence.
Lichen, to help us feel at ease and at one with our surroundings.
White Cherry, for cleansing. This essence helps past negative influences to loose their grip and be dissipated.

The spray also has essential oils of Rose, for opening up to love of the universe; Lavender, for healing at many levels and Grapefruit for energising and upliftment.
Protection and Clearing Space Clearing Spray comes in a handy 60ml bottle that will easily fit into a handbag or pocket.

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