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Greek Tree Essences - Box 2

The second 10 Essences from Melissa Assilem's Tree Essences from Lesbos.
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Box 2

11. Tree of Heaven Ailanthus altissima Star Grabber Ultra-violet / Extraterrestial Aura Ultraviolet
12. Cypress Cupressus sempervirens Lamenter Crown Autumn Leaves Amethyst
13. Tree of Life Thuja orientalis Mask Collector Third Eye Burly Whorls Lapis Lazuli
14. Almond Amber Prunus dulcis resinus Deliberator Throat Descending Sap Sapphire
15. Aleppo Pine Pinus halepensis Toxin Doctor Breath Deadwood Aquamarine
16. Turpentine Tree Pistacia terebinthus Self Lover Heart Heartwood Emerald
17. Judas Tree Ceris silquastrum Sacrificial Lamb Solar Plexus Shedding Bark Topaz
18. Pomegranate Punica granatum Future Guardian Sacral Seed Pods Copper
19. Chaste Tree Vitex agnus-castus Life Spicer Base Seeds Ruby
20. Oak’s Mushroom Quercus macrolepis fungus The Link Maker Sub Rosa/Subterranean Mycelium Obsidian

11. Tree of Heaven (The Star Grabber)
The tree spirit said “I radiate with ultra violet, the world just beyond vision, into the unseen and the just glimpsed. I help you grab hold of the impossible. I am for those who have lost faith. Grab hold of the stars and bring their light back into your life.” I have seen this essence bring the motivation and the courage to actuate one’s dreams. This tree is in the same family as Frankincense and Myrrh. It has the capacity to clear the poisons from soil in which it grows. And pass them safely into the surrounding air. When it is cut it exudes a vile toxic smell, but it is perfectly safe for animals to eat it.  The Greek shepherds feed it to their flocks at summers end when there is very little else to give them. The sheep thrive. (Ultraviolet/Extra-terrestrial Chakra)

12. Cypress (The Lamenter)
Helps us to recognize the pain of others rather than just our own. ”Nobody else’s pain is as bad as mine.” It brings empathy and structure to grief and pain.(Crown Chakra)

13. Thuja (The Mask Collector)
Allows us to see ourselves as we really are.  This essence Has a wonderful ability to remove false faces. True selves are revealed behind the previous pretense. (Third Eye Chakra

14. Almond Amber (The Deliberator)
Made from the amberous resin that exudes from the tree and is for impulsive decision makers. It allows wiser decisions from a slower deliberation. Chewing the cud.  (Throat).

15. Turpentine Tree (The Self Lover)
Allows the body to recognize itself as a friend, turning around auto- immune attacks. (Arthritic symptoms have been greatly relieved with this essence). Use it for self-attacking on all levels. For self-harmers it may be used with Golden Sunburst (Heart Chakra)

16. Aleppo Pine (The Toxin Doctor)
Helps give up the hoarding and holding on all levels. A wonderful essence for clearing out junk on the emotional and physical level. Good to use with Tamarisk (Breath)

17. Judas Tree (The Sacrificial Lamb)
This essence is wonderful for those who have given themselves away, either unwittingly or through the family dynamic. It stops the martyr archetype and is like a soul retriever. (Solar Plexus Chakra)

18. Pomegranate (The Future Guardian)
Learning to live with the changes within ones self. Allows one to recognizing when closure is needed. For all rites of passage. This essence can make ordeals easier, bring a good closure; one that helps close the door but allows the good lessons learnt to come through with you. It brings a ripening of Knowledge. (Sacral Chakra)


19. Chaste Tree or Vitex Agnus Castus (The Life Spicer)
 Sparks up life-loving parts, bringing root energy into play. An antidote to sourness, ennui, boredom, can’t be bothered. Puts the spark of your soul, your animator into the places of passion.  This tree waits through the drought, and the torrid summer heat before it flowers, and that why there is so much heat and energy in this essence. Helps you hold onto the joy of life and love every minute of it.  It has pure creative gonadal energy. It is wonderful to see people come back into their lives with such spark. You can make a fertility essence with Fig, Olive, Pomegranate, Chaste Tree, and then use one or two specifics for the individual’s blockages. (Base Chakra)


20. Oaks Mushroom (The Link-maker)
The final essence is made from a mushroom that grows on the Valonia Oak, and completes the circle joining up the circular energy that was originally raised. It is a synthesizing essence, marrying disparate energies into harmony. (Subterranean)

The enduring wisdom and force of the mushroom lies in its mycelium. Mycelia are the delicate life threads growing unseen in forest soil and wood, culturing organic matter and delivering probiotic nutrients to all trees, and plants.  Mycella make a living internet, connecting the ancient intelligence in the mushroom to all life on earth. 

If you are disconnected and cannot make sense of something that should make sense, it can help you make the links between the terminals / synapses/ exchanges.  Add it to the mix and it will join all the essences together. The mushrooms minute tubes like tiny threads that can penetrate everything, so it can re-nourish the placental mother who feeds the world. This essence is also about closure: relationship endings, life endings, project endings. 

This essence is a sort of cousin to Olive.  Olive makes new pathways around the old ones which is like making a new roadmap to follow while Oaks Mushroom joins up or merges things that need to be connected making harmony out of discord. They are both different ways of being the peacemakers. I have used this with Olive in dementia as I think it might be good to alleviate Alzheimers.

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