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Australian Bush Space Clearing Spray

enhances sacred space • clears negative and psychic energies • creates safe, harmonious environments • allows one to feel still and reflective
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Space Clearing - Australian Bush Flower Essence Spray
50 or 100 ml spray bottle
A combination of profoundly cleansing and clearing essential oils, botanicals, cleansing herbs and Australian Bush Flower Essences.
Space Clearing essence mist clears negative energies, emotional and psychic, to create a safe, sacred and harmonious environment.
A cleansing skin treatment when you also want to clear negative energies.
Gently mist your face and body, or apply a small amount into the palm of your hand and apply to skin using a gentle pressing motion. Alternatively, spray into the air to create a safe, sacred and harmonious space.
An excellent accompaniment to any essence cream.
• Clears negative energies
• Deeply cleansing and toning skin treatment
• Create a safe, sacred and harmonious personal environment

Contains essences of: Angelsword, Boab, Fringed Violet, Lichen, Red Lily.

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Picture of 100ml spray
100ml spray
The large spray is great for use around the home or in a therapy room

Availability: In stock
Old price:  £19.95 incl VAT
£20.95 incl VAT
Picture of 50ml Spray
50ml Spray
This small mist is great for carrying around or keeping in the car.

£14.95 incl VAT
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