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Autumn Squill Mediterranean Essence

Connecting with your team upstairs for support. Realigning and reinventing yourself to fulfill your destiny. 15ml stock bottle
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Autumn Squill (Scilla autumnalis)
Alpes Maritimes, France
I connect with my team 
I reinvent myself to fulfill my destiny

You are not alone, your team is always with you. This Essence helps you to connect with your team upstairs, helps you access the unseen, spiritual support for the challenges of life. And then you open to this ocean of support and guidance. The vertical, your higher self and your guides, and the horizontal, your earthly purpose, come together within you. With this support you can realign yourself and you can redefine yourself in the world. Autumn Squill invites you to come to the journey afresh, renew yourself, reinvent yourself, and, as you recommit to your dreams, you can now get on with what you came here  to do and fulfill your destiny.

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Product reviews
" Insightful essence "
I have been taking this essence for 2 weeks now and I have found it to be very insightful and interesting , my dreams were very vivid and I was receiving guidance through dream state . It helped me realize I am not alone , I am guided by my team and spirit and I realise that challenges I have faced are gifts to help us become a better person , it is so strong essence and I am beginning now to re define who I am and express my own unique gifts . This essence as helped me to do that and bring to the surface hidden positive qualities within me .

From: Jayne flintoff | Created on: 26/01/2015 16:10

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