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Cyclamen Mediterranean Essence

Generous and open-hearted. Balanced giving and receiving. Joyful sharing. 15ml stock bottle
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Cyclamen  (Cyclamen graecum)
Mani, Peloponnese, Greece
Open-Hearted   Joyful   Abundant    I deserve
A big heart Essence. Generosity of spirit. This Essence is useful for those who find it challenging to give, receive or share. Cyclamen is 
open-hearted and welcoming. I feel totally deserving and worthy to receive and I open my arms wide for balanced giving and receiving. I have a deep sense of abundance and wholeness, and from that place I can give to others selflessly. Open to seeing the goodness in others unconditionally, this Essence is soft, kind, gentle and generous-hearted.
Cyclamen encourages in us a lightness of being and joyful sharing.

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