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El Ghriba Mediterranean Essence

For breaking the mould, letting go of the story so that my own story can emerge from within me. 15ml stock bottle
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El Ghriba  (Pilgrimage)
El Ghriba pilgrimage, Djerba, Tunisia
Pilgrimage - a Journey of Self-Liberation
I have the courage to change the story

This Essence is for people who repeat a story. The story may belong to the family, the community or the culture. It can be hard to let go of the beliefs and patterns that you have inherited. 
El Ghriba invites you to be willing to let go of those beliefs, so that your own story can emerge from within you. It supports you on your journey of finding your own way and your own truth, as you choose to break the mould. This is about your personal pilgrimage to meet your god, your divinity within. So doing you feel liberated and you feel lighter as your own story now serves your soul’s purpose.

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