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Gateway Mediterranean Essence

I am present and grounded during change and transition. I let go of the old and embrace the new. 15ml stock bottle
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Tarifa, Spain and Tangier, Morocco
Support, courage, strength and grounding for change
I embrace the new and unknown

For stepping through a gateway into a new chapter in your life. For letting go of your old life and for embracing uncharted territory. Feeling free, being willing to take risks. If you are dissatisfied with your life, yet you can’t see a way out and change feels too risky, this Essence will guide you to take the next step. Gateway supports you with any big life choice you need to make and with the challenge of the unknown. This Essence help you to stay present and grounded during change and rites of passage. Being open to the possibilities and potential of whatever lies ahead.

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Product reviews
Brought miracles into my life
Whilst taking the gateway blend within days it had aligned me with feeling supported and held safe with life's changes . I had a past life dream whilst taking this which opened doors of abundance  for me and unexpected  finances came forward which was amazing how it happened . I felt more in syncronisity  with life and a deep appreciation  for my life and all that I had achieved through adversity . It helped me to get into flow . Such a lovely essence to move you forward and embrace change . Loved it . Thank you .

From: Jayne flintoff | Created on: 15/12/2016 23:43

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