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Sea Holly Mediterranean Essence

For embracing both the detail and the bigger picture. Problem solving and logistics. 15ml stock bottle
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Sea Holly  (Eryngium maritimum)
Puglia, Italy
I embrace both the detail and the bigger picture and I act to manifest the perfect outcome
This Essence helps us to think and act with logic and rationality. It helps us to understand the overview of a problem, identify the essence of it and break it down into manageable parts. Also good for people who feel overwhelmed or frazzled by too much detail, Sea Holly brings a healthy detachment, so we can focus on both the nitty gritty and the bigger picture. Problem solving and logistics. Good for business or team leaders. Holding each strand of a spider’s web in the centre, gathering and collating all the information into an overview, and then knowing how to act in alignment with the essence of it.

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