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Sea Squill Mediterranean Essence

It's time now to step into your power, supported by your group of wise beings. 15ml stock bottle
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Sea Squill  

(Urginea maritima)

Mani, Peloponnese, Greece

I am supported in making choices for myself  

It’s my time to step into my power now

When you think “It’s my turn now, it’s my time” then this is an Essence that will support you. When you recognise that you have been sacrificing yourself for the sake of others, or abandoning your own journey, then Sea Squill encourages you to take the focus back to yourself and embrace your own power. Maybe you’ve been a victim or a rescuer? This Essence encourages you to find the strength within to reclaim your choices for yourself. Taking this Essence you feel supported, acknowledged and honoured, as you put on your own shoes and take the next step toward your own potential. 

Are you ready to walk your path? Now is the time.

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