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Alaskan Flower Kit

The 72 essences in this Flower Essence Practitioner Kit are made from wild and domestic flowers growing throughout the state of Alaska. 7.5ml bottles
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The Alaskan Flower Essences Practitioner Kit

The Alaskan Flower Flower Essence Practitioner Kit contains 72 essences prepared from wild and domestic flowers growing in the state of Alaska. Steve Johnson spent eight years and traveled thousands of miles throughout the Alaska wilderness to create them. 

Most of essences in this kit were co-created in the vast central interior of the state. This area lies between the broad and sweeping expanse of the Brooks mountain Range and the majestic Alaska Range to the south. There are a relatively small number of plant species in this central interior bio-region, but these species occur in huge communities that often extend in unbroken profusion for hundreds of miles. These plants create the vegetative core of the northern forests of the planet, and the essences prepared from them help us to transform our core life patterns. The ways of thinking, feeling, and doing that have the most dominant and widespread impact in our lives. 

This kit also features essences of some rarer plants that are more specialized in their growth patterns. These include those from in the extreme northern interior and alpine areas of the state. Summer here lasts only about 65 days but plants grow at an incredible rate during this short time because of the constant sunlight in summer north of the Arctic Circle. As a result, essences prepared from these particular plants have an intensity that encourages us to resolve our issues of self acceptance, trust, and openness to abundance, helping us to experience the fullness of life in each moment. 

There are also 12 essences made from green flowers in this kit. These essences are evocative of some of the most subtle levels of healing and during their preparation, Steve and Jane were constantly asked to open their hearts to ever subtler levels of healing energy. As they responded to these invitations, they were shown how these essences clear levels of pain and trauma held deep in the heart, a process that enables us to come to a point of true balance within ourselves, and consequently, to a place of genuine contact and partnership with nature.

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